USPTO unveils new website

If you have visited today, you might have noticed something is different. If you have not, I would say go look. Go ahead. I give you permission to leave our website but do come back. I’ll wait here…

Well? Did you see? Check out that fancy new layout. So much responsive content.

I am new to the intellectual property / patent law world. 25 days is hardly an acceptable amount of time to become familiar with it. However, I do know websites. I have built plenty of websites for myself and for others. So, I will break this down.

A responsive website means you have a mobile-friendly website. This increases the viability of your website. Now the USPTO has a guaranteed audience that will always be coming to their site for information or filing for a patent, so increasing their Search Engine Optimization (SEO), that’s just a bonus. What is really important is the method by which one is filing their patent.

As of September 2018, 51.7%* of those that utilize the Internet, they are doing so from a mobile device. The new website, in theory would allow you (or your IP attorney) to file your patent from the comfort of your local coffee shop with your fancy smart phone. Hey innovators! Thanks for the tech!

The USPTO has been conscientious of a variety of factors including breaking down the patent process for new innovators and the more experienced users can find whatever they need quickly using the “Find it Fast” function.

The Chief Communications Officer, Chris Shipp, provides a great breakdown of all the website’s capabilities and encourages feedback from users in yesterday’s Director’s blog. Even better, you’ll see they’ve begun spotlighting new innovators each month; a place of encouragement and inspiration for young and budding innovators or even those that are consummate inventors.

*Source: statcounter GlobalStats


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