Team Building for Remote Workers

Today, remote work has become very common and according to Gallup Poll, 43% of employees work remotely. People find that the flexibility allows a work-life balance, the ability to save money and time on transportation, and increases productivity. While remote work has it’s advantages, it can lead to isolation and disconnection from the team. This is why many companies have started implementing team building activities. Even though you may be physically separated, these activities can foster a sense of camaraderie and collaboration.

One of the biggest benefits of team building is that it creates a shared experience that everyone can talk about and bond over. Whether it’s a virtual book club, a game of trivia, or Spotify team playlists; these activities give remote workers a chance to connect with their colleagues in a fun and low-pressure setting. It allows employees to feel more invested in their work and feel like they are apart of a community. 

Moreover, team building can break down barriers and build trust. When colleagues work together on a project they learn to rely on each other and appreciate each others strengths, creating a successful cohesive team! 

Next time you feel like your team is lacking motivation, don’t hesitate to get everyone together and participate in a stress-free 30 minute activity! When your employees are happy it makes all the difference! 

MMVIP fully supports a happy hour book club and we can’t wait to start implementing new and exciting activities to keep our team engaged! 


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