Simon Says Stand Up!

You might want to sit down for this one.

Research shows that sitting for an extended period of time can negatively impact one’s health. This has become common knowledge. Thus, the standing desk is on the rise! The standing desk has become an increasingly more popular way to work over the last few years. The standing desk lowers risk for obesity, reduces the risk of getting cancer, prolongs life, and improves posture (Trafecanty, 2017). Excuse me while I swap my swivel chair for a standing desk right now!
Not so fast…

People have been sitting while they work for years and years, and when an activity is performed by a large group over an extended period of time it allows for studies to be conducted. That having been said, now that more people who previously sat are standing while they work researchers are able to compare sitting versus standing on the job. Spoiler alert, standing all day is bad for your health too. “Standing all day is twice as bad as sitting, according to new study” (Hutchison, 2017). Standing all day is twice as likely to cause heart disease than sitting all day. Standing for prolonged periods of time can result in varicose veins, poor circulation, and swelling in the feet, knees, and legs. Standing can damage joints, and isn’t recommended while pregnant (Hutchison, 2017). Standing all day is not the solution to sitting all day.

What is the solution?

Moderation. Excessive behavior is often detrimental to health. In order to give yourself the best chance at a healthy life, while continuing to be productive at work, you must vary your positioning. If you predominately sit while working, make time to stand up and walk around. Every twenty minutes if possible. If you stand for most of the day, give your legs a break, wear proper supportive footwear, and most importantly, take seated breaks.
Year 2117: Levitate while working!

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