Update 06/11/2020

The United Statement Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) recently registered the Agile IP® trademark for MMVIP. 

MMVIP provides a new and unique way to manage your intellectual property: Agile IP®.  Agile IP® is a great fit for helping MMVIP run our business in an efficient way.  We are always striving to work collaboratively together as a Firm and with our clients. MMVIP Agile IP® gives us that structure and outlook.

Agile, in a general sense, is known as a methodology that has been adopted by software and web development teams, and now by MMVIP as Agile IP®.  Agile IP® is a way of doing business that can benefit every user of our Firm’s services. Indeed, in an article published by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, Agile practice has been described as the competitive advantage for a digital age1.

We are utilizing the Agile platform to help optimize work flows and day-to-day operations:

  • Transparency: Adopting Agile methodology means one is committed to having a company that is transparent. MMVIP is committed to monitoring how projects move through our Firm to see where all lights are “green”, and things are running smoothly, and also at the same time, spot projects where there is a backlog.
    One other major benefit to transparency is collaboration. When everyone is part of the process and sees the connected steps, then all members of a respective project can share input to find innovative solutions for handling projects.
  • Continuous Improvement: Agile gives an organization or project team the ability to continuously improve. When Agile processes are utilized, there is no “only one way” of doing something. This is because when each step is visible, insightful and meaningful changes can be suggested and implemented at any time throughout any process. Corrections can be made to improve the direction the project is moving towards. By being flexible , MMVIP is able to respond to change and adapt accordingly as needed.
  • Communication: Agile helps us to focus everyone on the process, the needs, and issues of our clients. Agile IP® employs open communication tools to continually improve the steps for a smoother and faster completion of completing our clients requests as well as our internal goals.


MMVIP has implemented multiple levels and types of software, along with oversight and monitoring, to help us streamline our Agile IP® initiative. Our unique and proprietary set of stacked resources and visual tools permit transparency and real-time updates of all ongoing projects and initiatives going on within our Firm. 

As a firm, we strive to be on the cutting edge of technology while providing world class customer service to clients. We aim to further these initiatives by being early adopters of Agile processes for administrating and handling intellectual property services by launching Agile IP®

  1. Harvard Business Review Services Analytic Services Report; “Agile Practice: The Competitive Advantage for a Digital Age,” April 24, 2016 (emphasis added).

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